Justin Ray Kronewetter
238 West Lincoln Ave.
Delaware, Ohio 43015
hone: (740) 815-0124 

Professional rank: Emeriti Professor of fine Arts / Founder and Emeriti Director, Richard M. Ross Art Museum at Ohio Wesleyan University

Education:  Cranbrook Academy of Art (1964-66) MFA / Illinois Wesleyan University (1958-62) BFA

Continuing Education: Howard Bond Photographic Workshops / Maine Photographic Workshops / Visual Studies Photographic Workshops / Anderson Ranch Arts Center Photographic Workshops / History of Photography, Ohio State University.

Formerly Employed by:  Ohio Wesleyan University 1972 - 2016 / 60 South Sandusky Street / Delaware, Ohio 43015

Emeriti Office: (740) 368-3602

Work Experience (Business): Assistant Client Services Director at Juhl Advertising Agency, Elkhart, Indiana (1963-64) / Commercial Art Apprentice at Advertising Artists Studio, South Bend, Indiana (1957-58)

Work Experience (Academic): Professor of Fine Arts, Ohio Wesleyan University (1972-2016) / Instructor of Fine Arts, Albion College (1966-72) / University of Notre Dame (summer 1966) / Oakland University (winter term 1966)

Courses Taught (Ohio Wesleyan University): American Art History / Two-Dimensional Design / Drawing / Painting / Photography / Gallery Management / Seminars in various topics

Courses Taught (Albion College): American Art History / Two-Dimensional Design / Drawing / Painting / Photography / Seminars in various topics

Courses Taught (University of Notre Dame): Basic Design / Commercial Art

Courses Taught (Oakland University): Drawing / Painting 

Committee Assignments (Ohio Wesleyan University): Intercollegiate Athletic Committee / Branch Rickey Facilities Committee / Academic Council for the Great Lakes Colleges Association / Athletic Advisory Committee / Summer School Advisory Committee

Committee Assignments (Albion College): Cultural Affairs Committee / Student Union Board / Admissions and Academic Status Committee

Special Assignments (Ohio Wesleyan University):  Chair, Fine Arts Department/ Agency Director for the Great Lakes Colleges Association Arts Program in New York / Advisory Board for the Great Lakes Colleges Association Arts Program in New York / Presidents Council for the Great Lakes Colleges Association / Faculty Representative For Men’s Athletics for the North Coast Athletics Conference

Special Assignments (Albion College):  Department Representative for the Great Lakes Colleges Association Program in New York

Professional Organizations: Association of American University Professors / College Art Association / The Mid-America College Art Association / The Society for Photographic Education / The Columbus Art League / The National Council of Art Administrators / The National Collegiate Athletic Association / The American Association of Museums / The Association of Mid-West Museums / The Association of Academic Museums and Galleries

Practicing Artist:  (1962 – current):  I’ve exhibited paintings, drawings and photographs in local, regional and national invitational and juried exhibitions on a semi-regular basis.  Winning awards/special recognition on several occasions.

Personal:  Born in Mishawaka, Indiana / Served six years in the United States Army Reserves  / Married / Two sons / Two grandchildren

Of Special Note:

Served as Ohio Wesleyan University Fine Arts Department Chairperson for twenty-four years.

Introduced photography to the curriculum of the art department at Albion College.

Introduced photography as a regular offering in the curriculum of the fine arts department at Ohio Wesleyan University.

Created and administered the ASITAW (Art Studies In The American West) Summer Arts Program as a component of the Summer Session at Ohio Wesleyan University (1975-2006).  The nine-week program consisted of three intensive two-week photography workshops taught at the College of Santa Fe (first session) and at Montana State University (second and third sessions).  The program consisted of one production oriented studio course and one art history course (primarily the history of photography of the American West).  Although the greatest percentage of participants came from Ohio Wesleyan University, student participants came from other Great Lakes College Association schools (Albion, Earlham, Denison, Kenyon) and from the University of Notre Dame, the University of Tennessee and Maine University.  Extensive program travel occurred in New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, Idaho, Montana and Wyoming.  Visiting photography professionals provided the classroom instruction in both the studio and the art history class.

Almost entirely on my own, I’ve built a collection of over 3,000 art objects for the Richard M. Ross Art Museum at Ohio Wesleyan University.  The collection consists primarily of works on paper.  While prints of all types are represented in the collection, more than half of the works are photographs – photographs of all types. 

I curated and assisted in the mounting of almost every exhibition that was displayed in the galleries of the Ross Art Museum and/or in two off-site galleries during the fourteen years I served as museum director.  As museum director, I scheduled most gallery talks and formal lectures by visiting artists.